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Timber Windows

How Long Do Timber Windows Last?

Today's timber windows have improved considerably from when single panes of glass were fitted into poorly made and untreated softwood casings. Timber windows gained a bad name because of moisture leaks and rot, leading people to choose aluminum and plastic window options. Timber has now stood the test of time in a variety of different construction opportunities, including windows.
Now with professional timber window installation, modern timber windows have all the advantageous features and all the materials available for accurate joint details, airtight seals, and double-glazing.
Even though timber windows can cost more than plastic windows, there is a longer lifespan that pays off in cost-effectiveness when compared to plastic. High-quality timber windows will outperform all other window options with about 60-year durability. With the right care, timber frames can last a lifetime. The total lifespan of plastic windows can be around 25 years.
Timber windows have environmental credentials and are carbon negative, as opposed to plastic windows. With proper timber window installation, there are also many other benefits of these windows besides just how long they last. Designers and architects like to have timber windows in their projects in order to have a more authentic design. The superior quality windows also improve acoustic comfort and thermal output. There can be substantial savings on energy bills for years to come when compared to single glazed plastic windows.
You may need to repaint your timber windows after some years, depending on the location and elevation of the property. The job of repainting is very easy and paint can help you guarantee your windows last even longer. If you notice any signs of rot, it's usually because the treatment hasn’t been performed often enough. Our After-Care Guide outlines the steps needed to ensure your timber windows last the test of time.

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