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Timber Front Door

Choosing Your Timber Front Door

Over the last few years, wood has gained popularity in furniture and decorative items. Wood is one of the most hardwearing materials and the recent advancements make it even better. There are a number of reasons why a timber front door can make sense for your home but you will need to choose the best wood for your style.
Direction and Exposure: When choosing a timber entrance door, you need to consider exposure and direction. A north to northeast facing door with some overhang provides an ideal location and you don’t need to refinish every decade or so. If the entryway faces southwest and gets many hours of daylight then you will need to refinish it more often.
Durability: Beyond aesthetics, you need to choose a timber entrance door that will be structurally sound, decay-resistant, able to hold up to seasonal changes, and highly durable.
Hardwoods: The choice of wood for your timber front door will take some thought. Tropical woods do well in northern climates. The best choice for exterior doors is mahogany since it’s attractive, has a ribbon-like grain, and is durable. This wood provides long wear, enduring beauty, and stability, and can also integrate seamlessly into many different architectural design styles. No matter what wood you opt for, a professional can help you determine the wood that is best suited for your home’s setting.
Design: There are many different design options to choose from for your timber entrance door. Your home’s architecture should be used to determine the best style suited to the home. The hardware components to complete your chosen wood can also complete the doorway look and will lend impact and style to your home.
Quality: Exterior doors require durability, style, and function, and you want to be able to have your door last for years to come. Choosing a quality door will help ensure this.

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