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Replacement Sash windows

Materials for Replacement Sash Windows

If you need replacement sash windows, there are some different materials you may want to consider.
Timber Sash Windows: For traditionalists, these will likely be the only choice. They are durable, are an excellent insulation option, and have modern finishes available in most paint stains and colors.
PVCu: These are often used as a substitute for wood and are commonly seen in white but come in a range of finishes. These windows can be low maintenance and cheaper. There are better quality materials that are more attractive but many can be difficult to repair. If you live in a listed building or conservation area then switching to replacement sash windows made from PVCu may be frowned upon.
Composite: This is becoming a popular option for replacement sash windows. These newer products offer timber for the interior and aluminum cladding on the exterior. They are able to withstand all weather and are extremely low maintenance. They also retain the look of wood on the inside so they can be very pleasing.

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