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Hardwood windows

Reasons to Choose Wooden Windows

There are a number of reasons why you may want to choose hardwood windows for your home or property.
Wooden windows are eye-catching and will create a stunning look. You can choose to tailor the frames and select from different wood types, such as oak or mahogany. Wood windows can be stained or painted, and you can choose from a variety of profiles that best suits the look of your home and your personal taste.
Hardwood windows are more environmentally friendly compared to other windows. The production of PVCu windows involves chemicals. Wood from sustainable sources makes this option one of the most environmentally friendly. It takes about eight times more energy to create a PVCu window than a timber one. More waste is generated with these windows than wooden ones. About 82% of this waste then goes into a landfill and only about 3% of the waste is recycled, with the rest of it being incinerated.
Wooden windows do require some weatherproofing and maintenance but the painting and varnishing keep them attractive, as well as more resistant to the elements. Windows made from PVCu aren’t maintenance-free, despite contrary opinions, and sometimes these windows can’t be repaired all that easily.
Wood is naturally insulated so it helps retain the heat and you can further lower your carbon emissions and keep your electricity bills down while you still keep your household comfortable.
Some hardwood windows may cost more but high-performance wooden windows may not be more expensive. There are many different kinds so you get a choice in how much you want to pay. Due to the materials, you can rest easy knowing that your windows will last much longer than other choices.

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